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Dein Projekt: Harry’s Black on Black NC1

3. August 2019

I bought my 1.8 2007 MX5 NC1 in 2016. I won’t lie, I was originally looking for an NA to join the famed pop up gang, but after a solid year of searching for a solid shell it was time to move the search on, and personally I’m not a fan of the styling of the NB, so I arrived at the NC. After having „1 careful lady owner“, I have added a lot of extras, accessories and modifications over the last 3 years to make it my Black on Black NC1.

It’s been a great 3 years, ups and downs with the build butit’s at a great place now and I still have plans with it.

Also what a great community the MX5 owners have built allaround the world, from local meets, to NC Europe and Team Boat in the UK.People are always on hand to offer advice and help out whatever the issue is.

Over the 3 years I’ve had it, it’s been T boned by anotherdriver, grounded out on a ditch, and generally struggles to get over speedbumps but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Anyway, enough of me rambling on, the spec list is comingup, but if you want to see me check my insta – @hp_mx5


  • Hard Race Rear Camber Arms
  • HSD MonoPro Coilovers
  • JR-11’s Hyper Black 17″x8.25J ET35
  • Falken Azenis 215/45 FK453
  • Titan Slim Tuner Wheel Nuts Neo Chrome
  • Moog Rear Drop Links
  • Ultra Racing 2 Point Front Upper Strut Brace
  • IL MotorSport 2 Point Rear Upper Strut Brace
  • Blink Motorsport Fast Road Custom Tracking
  • Fully Undersealed
  • MTEC Black Edition Brake Discs
  • Mintex Brake Pads


  • Skuzzle Motorsport Cold Air Intake Pipe
  • RamAir Air Filter
  • Creation Motorsport Elbow Intake Pipe
  • Tomei Expreme Stainless Steel De-Cat 4-1 Manifold
  • JapSpeed De-Cat De-Silenced Stainless Steel Centre Section (Welded)
  • Goodwin Racing Single Exit Street Muffler
  • Powerflex Exhaust Mounts
  • IL Motorsport Short Shifter
  • NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
  • Castrol Gold Engine Oil
  • Gearbox and Diff Redline Oil MT-90
  • Exedy UltraFiber Racing Clutch
  • BBR GTI Remap (EGR Delete, Red Line Raised etc.)
  • DaveFab Coolant Tank
  • Carbon Miata Silicone Coolant Hoses
  • Upgraded Mazda Dipstick

Exterior/Dress Up:

  • Rolled and Pulled Arches
  • Hydrodipped Carbon Fibre Wiper Arms
  • 13″ wipers
  • Side Repeater Chrome Ring Delete
  • Custom ‚de Tangoed‘ Black Headlights
  • OEM Fog Lights
  • OEM Front Mud Guards
  • OEM Rear Mud Guards
  • Yuasa Battery
  • Moss Aluminum Stubby Aerial
  • Black Front Mazda ‚Wings‘ Badge
  • Rear debadge
  • MazdaSpeed Oil Cap
  • MazdaSpeed Radiator Cap
  • Custom CF look Fuse Box Cover
  • Custom Brushed Steel Battery Tie
  • IL Motorsport Hydraulic Bonnet Lifts
  • Rear 4D Import Reg Plate
  • Front 4D Import Reg Plate
  • CravenSpeed Platypus Front Reg Mount
  • Carbon Miata Carbon Fibre Ducktail
  • Fog Light Yellow Tint (LaminX)
  • Headlight Gunsmoke Tint (LaminX)
  • Rear Light Charcoal Tint (LaminX)
  • Side Repeater Charcoal Tint (LaminX)
  • Rear Window Charcoal Tint (LaminX)
  • Quarter Window Charcoal Tint (LaminX)
  • 5D Carbon Fibre Wrapped Wing Mirrors (Arjie Customs)
  • 5D Carbon Fibre Wrapped Fuel Cap (Arjie Customs)
  • Rear Bumper Cut
  • Smoothed Front Bumper
  • D&G Motorsports Front Splitter
  • Hydrodipped Carbon Fibre IL Motorsport Door Handle Inserts
  • Custom Mazdaspeed Sunstrip
  • LED Rear Reg Plate Lights
  • Custom Front Grille
  • Carbon Miata Carbon Fibre Front Canards
  • Painted Calipers
  • DaveFab ECU Cover
  • DaveFab Washer Tank
  • Falken Azenis Tyre Treadwear


  • Pioneer double din head unit
  • OEM Wind Deflector
  • MazdaSpeed CF Gear Knob
  • Black Rubber Carpet Covers
  • LED Interior Light
  • Custom Brushed Steel Dead Pedal
  • Custom CF Look Dash Speaker Cover
  • CarbonMiata Carbon Fibre Roll Hoops
  • MazdaSpeed Interior Mirror Cover
  • Delrin Door Bushings
  • Front Fog Stalk
  • AFTB Seat Lowering Brackets (2″ Drop)
  • RX8 Intermittent Wiper Stalk
  • Custom Gearstick Gator (Leather w/ Red Stitching)
  • Custom Handbrake Gator (Leather w/ Red Stitching)
  • Custom Handbrake Grip (Leather w/ Red Stitching)
  • JBL 6×8 360W Door Speakers
  • NRG Short Hub
  • NRG Purple Quick Release 3.0.
  • NRG RST Deep Dish Series Steering Wheel
  • MazdaSpeed Horn Button

To Do List!:

  • Competition Clutch Lightweight Flywheel
  • G.R.A.M.S Fibreglass Diffuser
  • Rotrex Supercharger Install
  • Roll Cage

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