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Dein Projekt-MX5

Dein Projekt: Lady_Elvis‘ Spark

1. August 2019

Hi Project Mx5 Germany!

Most of u will know me as Lady_Elvis on Instagram. I have always appreciated the aesthetics of cars ever since I was young. My love for cars started with 50’s-60’s American classics and also 50’s – early 70’s Le Mans cars/ Euro classics. I didn’t really get into the JDM scene until I bought my Miata, who I named Spark. Spark is a very happy 1990 MX-5 who gets all the attention in car parks and driveways.

When I bought Spark, he was already this greyish blue colouras the previous owner painted it a Kia Steel Blue Metallic. But underneath,he’s really just a Smurf.

I knew I wanted to change the appearance of the interior assoon as I drove him home. I didn’t like a lot of the pieces in the interior andmy centre console REEKED of cigarettes.

The main thing that inspired me to make Spark the way he is right now is this Japanese bleach bottle. I saw a photo of it on Tumblr 5-6 years ago and couldn’t find the picture of it for the longest time. I finally found it on my trip to Japan this year.

People like to sit in my car and find all of the little„easter eggs“ inside. Every time u see my interior, there’s somethingnew. Most of my pieces are either customized, or they’re completely custom-like my centre console.

I am a firm believer in the fact that if it’s cheap and itworks, then it’s a good mod. I disagree with a lot of the people in the carcommunity who say that certain brands suck just because they’re cheap or arereplicas. Of course, there are certain replica brands that I will never buyfrom because they are bad quality and unsafe, but there are also a lot of goodbrands out there for people who don’t want to spend a fortune. My exhaust isfrom Yonaka and most people don’t even realise- because it doesn’t sound bad.It only cost me $200 CAD shipped and I am very happy with it. People who onlyassociate themselves with certain brands or certain cars are not trueenthusiasts.

I am very pleased with what I have done with my Miataaesthetic wise and hope to start modding under the hood very soon.

Mod list:

  • Yonaka exhaust
  • TEIN Street Basis Z Coilovers
  • Racing Beat High Flow Air Intake
  • Aodhan wheels (AH05, I think?)
  • Beatrush rear tow hook
  • Ebay clear turn signal lights
  • Ebay ducktail
  • Custom centre console
  • Reupholstered OEM driver’s seat
  • Likewise shift knob in Lil Oozy
  • Heart steering wheel
  • LRB Speed door cards
  • Hard Dog roll bar
  • Jass performance HVAC pieces

Coming Soon!*

  • Custom side skirts
  • LRB Speed undertray

Photo credis:

@Orein2727 on Instagram

@Sai.jung on Instagram