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Dein Projekt-MX5

Dein Projekt: Build Story of Josh aka MiataKid

12. September 2018

Have a look at the build story of Josh aka MiataKid:

I first bough this car back in 2015. It has changed quite a bit since then.

I did buy the car with the universal flairs already on the car. The 1990 1.6 engine had a bad piston ring in cylinder two, causing lots of oil burning. The rear end was shot and whining.

At this point the car was a looker but not so much under the hood. I went ahead and pulled the old engine out and swapped in a 1999 engine that had around 80,000 miles one it. I installed a Megasquirt PNP2 to manage the new engine properly. The car at this time put down 145 rwhp after being dyno tuned. I knew the rear end was still on its way out so I then proceeded to buy a 2001 wrecked Miata to pull the 4.3 torsen rear end out and swap it into my 1990 MX5. This fixed most the power train issues with the car now i wanted more power. I found a deal on a local MP62 supercharger, figuring that it had enough room to blow up the factory engine so it should be good. I installed the supercharger with a Trackdog racing front mount intercooler. I decided at this time to switch the car to E85 for the fuel. I installed 700cc injectors and a large fuel pump to supply the fuel to the engine.

At this point I took the car into a few shop until I was happy with the tune. The shop I ended up at was Trackstar in FortWorth Texas. The car made 221 rwhp on a mustang dyno. The car has gone through many changes since I have had it. I have also added all the areo, the front splitter and side skirts are built by me. The wing is a old ebay wing from back in the day „real carbon fiber“.

Interior has been heavily modified as well at this point.

It will continue to change as well down the road, but for now it seems to be happy so far at the level everything is turned to for now.

Mod list:


  • Universal fender flairs
  • Zeromotive carbon fiber canards
  • Ariel atom replica mirrors
  • Gomiata Euro tail lights „customer tinted“
  • Rtheorymotorsports wing stand
  • eBay 3d carbon fiber wing
  • APR end plates customer fitted
  • Rear bumper cut
  • GV lip
  • Custom splitter
  • Custom side skirts
  • OEM hardtop
  • Custom Pearl white paint
  • Custom hood vent „wrapped not painted“
  • Rota grid 15×9 negative 15 offset
  • Sickers done by Spinnywhoosh
  • Underglow rgb by Spinnywhoosh


  • Nardi deep corn 330mm
  • Nrg short hub
  • Nrg quick release
  • Carbing shift knob
  • Custom door cards
  • Harddog sport roll bar
  • Harddog harness bar
  • Revlimiter gauge faces
  • Revlimiter vent rings
  • Pro sport water temp and boost gauges
  • Innovate mtxl wide band
  • Jass performance window switch and cup holder
  • Bride low Max rep seats
  • Sparco six point harness „driver“
  • Sabelt five point „passenger“
  • Racemount fire extinguisher in front of passenger seat



  • Megan street coilovers
  • Polly bushings in the rear control arms „have fronts just haven’t done it yet“
  • Nb rear control arms
  • Nb sport package front sway bar
  • Cobalt sway bar end links
  • Wilwood BBK up front
  • Nb sport brakes rear
  • Hawk hp plus pads all around
  • Steel braided brake lines all around
  • Wilwood proportioning valve
  • Racing beat rear subframe brace



  • Nb low milage engine from a 1999
  • 4.3 torsen from a 2001 Nb
  • Toyota coil on plugs
  • M tuned coolant reroute
  • Supermiata radiator cross flow
  • Exedy stage one clutch
  • F1 10lbs flywheel
  • 5xracing shifter rebuild with bronze bushing
  • Mp62 supercharger
  • 62.5 nose pulley
  • Trackdog racing front mount intercooler
  • K&N filter
  • Dual catch can
  • Megasquirt pnp2