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Dein Projekt-MX5

Dein Projekt: Ryan’s V8 Miata

6. März 2019

The car started out as a 1990 Miata that I bought in 2009.

I daily drove the car for a few years with just some coil overs, wheels, 1.8 brake upgrade, and a VLSD. After getting bored with it, I decided that I would turbo it. So I built a manifold, downpipe, and exhaust. I also built the rollcage in the car so I could start racing it. For the engine I did a full built bottom end 1.6, the head was left untouched, running on a MegaSquirt.

The car made 359whp and 308ft/tq. It was fun, and I drove it and tracked it for about a year, but like all things car related, you get used to things and bored with them. So it was on to a v8, but I wanted to do something that hadn’t been done at the time.

Build a 1000whp Miata, so it was going to have to get a turbo.

Unfortunately that goal was beat by Mad Mikes rotary drift Miata. But I kept on. I stripped the car down, added some more areas of attachment to the rollcage bringing it out of the firewall and to the front frame rails. I got a subframe from V8Roadsters and started building from there. I never intended on running the T56 like everyone else did. I wanted something stronger, faster shifting, smaller, easy to change gearsets.

So I picked up a Tex Racing T101 4 speed transmission. I built the transmission cross member and the Ford 8.8 differential mount. I run a spooled rear end, with custom Drive Shaft Shop axles. The engine is a stock 4.8/5.3 iron block Cheverolet Gen III, other than an oil pump it has been completely stock and unopened, and at 23 psi it made 720whp.

I installed new valve springs, push rods, and upgraded rocker arms for the next event. I also upgraded from the factory ignition coils to a better Holley Smart coil.

I feel like I could write a novel on this thing, and I guess that is what happens when you do everything yourself, you end up with so many stories, failures, success, and meet a lot of new people.

Spec list would be:

  • 1990 Miata
  • Chevy gen III small block
  • 88 mm single turbo
  • McLeod twin disc clutch/billet flywheel
  • Tex Racing T101
  • Ford 8.8 IRS with many different gear options
  • Drive Shaft Shop axles
  • Wilwood 4 piston brakes 
  • Wilwood pedal assemly
  • Wilwood master cylinders 
  • Holley HP ECU
  • Holley coils
  • Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump
  • Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator 
  • Autometer gauges
  • Hoosier slicks
  • Custom valved Tein coil overs
  • 949 Racing 15″ x 10″ 6ul wheels

The goal for April is to set the world record for the fastest Miata and to have the first Miata go over 200 mph.

Then after that its back to getting the car working like it should for time attack events. With one of my ultimate goals being the Pikes Peak hill climb with the car.