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Dein Projekt-MX5

Dein Projekt: Lucas Reis‘ Super Miata

22. November 2018

Neuer Tag, neuer MX – Lucas Reis‘ Super Miata in der heutigen Vorstellung:

Bought the car to be my daily bone stock about 2 years ago, so I could finish my Subaru wrx project. Ended up selling my Subaru and turning the miata in to my new project. Long story short I wanted to build my high school dream, (I had a 94 NA in high school) but I always loved NB’s so I said to myself one day I will get one and do everything I always wanted. So I did, car as it is now it’s my dream from school + more.

And  this being my 9th miata I think it’s safe to say I’m here to stay with this one.

Miata done list:

  • Wilwood 4 piston calipers little bbk of FM
  • Stop tech rotors
  • Metal breaded lines
  • 949 racing 6uls 15×10 +25
  • Maxxis vr1 245/40/15
  • racing beat rear diff brace
  • racing beat rear sway bar
  • aluminum coolant overflow tank
  • Flying miata Vmaxx’s classics coilovers
  • Ms lab megasquirt pnp
  • Dw 700cc injectors
  • Dw65 fuel pump
  • Recaro buckets
  • South bend clutch kit
  • hard dog v2 roll bar
  • Carbon Miata shifter
  • racing beat front  tubular 1.125 sway bar
  • hard top
  • isr exhaust
  • competition motor mounts
  • trans flush and new fluid
  • Garage vary Taillights color matched
  • fuel pump dw65 with new filter
  • rear gutted(no spare wheel ,carpets)
  • AC, heat
  • Gv front lip
  • headlights housing painted
  • Led turn signs+ projectors
  • new camber bolts from FM
  • bp20x pads of wilwood.
  • Oem hard top color matched
  • Arthery hood vents
  • nine lives 64” wing with arthery stands
  • custom made carbon canards
  • TDR-ROT-0105-PS/AC-SPEC Track Dog Racing STREET Rotrex supercharger kit.
  • C30-94 supercharger
  • oil cooler
  • reservoir
  • 110 mm crank pulley and 80 mm SC pulley with 4-rib arrangement
  • intercooler setup
  • Custom 700 cc fuel injectors
  • intake hose and filter for NON-MAF setup
  • BOV and silicone hose setup
  • header heat shield
  • Alignment super Miata setup.